Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tutorial how to make a cot bumper

You will need

2 fabric peices 50 and a half inches long x 14inches deep

Wadding piece same size

and 12 peices of ribbon 9 inches long

I made my own i just used a bumper i had been given and copied it. The measurements are as follows

Hehe do you like my drawing :)

The bumper has ribbons along the top you could also put along bottom if you wanted

If you are doing any decoration do it on one piece of fabric before making the bumper

Get 2 pieces of fabric 50.5 inches x 14 inches

Place them face to face (the pattern facing each other) with the wadding on the top

now mark with a felt tip or biro a small dot 13inches in from either end

Place 2 peices of ribbon at either end of each section (pin it in between the fabric peices)

Sew along the top

(((You should have a fabric peice face up ribbons fabric peice face down and then wadding piece!)))

Now sew along the bottom and down one side and the other side buut leaving a opening of about 10cm

Turn the peice the right way round

and sew up the gap

Now sew a straight line 13 inches in (see the photo) (this forms the fold for placing at top of cot)

If i've made a mistake please let me know

Heres a pic of the finished peice

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